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Mar 25, 2011

Dr. Gordon Finley has spent 20 years researching the correlation between fatherhood and divorce, and he will share his thoughts at an upcoming conference on male studies.

Finley is one of the featured speakers at The Foundation for Male Studies' second annual conference on April 6 in New York City. His topic is how emerging current realities and anticipated future trends will affect the role of fathers in families and children's lives.

For more information about the conference and how you can view it online, please visit You can learn more about Finley's research and scholarly work by visiting his website.

Finley gave a preview of his presentation and discussed the most troubling issues facing fathers with editor Matt Allen.

Click the link for the full audio version of the podcast on fatherhood and divorce.


Mar 11, 2011

Dr. Edward Stephens is an internationally-recognized physician and psychiatrist who is also the founder of The Foundation for Male Studies. His organization is holding its second annual conference on Male Studies on April 6 in New York City, and it will also be made available online. 

Stephens talked with editor Matt Allen about the conference, the need for male studies, and why he calls feminism "the F word."

For more information about the foundation and the conference, you can visit

Click the link for the full audio version of the podcast on men's rights.


Mar 04, 2011

Fathers & Families is an organization committed to family court reform at the political level. The group recently revealed a wide-ranging legislative agenda for 2011 that Robert Franklin discussed with editor Matt Allen.

Franklin is the managing editor of and a father’s rights advocate. 

Fathers & Families plans to address many family court issues in 2011, including curbing alimony abuse, paternity fraud protection, and enforcement of visitation orders, among others.

Click the link for the full audio version of the podcast on family law reform efforts.


Feb 25, 2011

Cordell & Cordell attorney William Halaz III talked with editor Matt Allen about divorce modifications, how you should behave when trying to modify an order, how moving affects modifications and what evidence you need for a successful modification.

The full audio version of the podcast is available here.

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Feb 18, 2011

Victims of false accusations of paternity include not only the accused man but also the biological father and the child.

This epidemic inspired Marcus L. Matthews to share his story and the stories of four other men who were falsely accused of paternity in his new book "I Am Not The Father: Narratives of Men Falsely Accused of Paternity."

Matthews talked with editor Matt Allen about the devastating effects false accusations of paternity have on men and how making a spectacle of revealing paternity tests on TV shows has caused the issue to be taken lightly.

You can find out more information about Marcus and his book at

Click the link for the full audio version of the podcast on false allegations of paternity.


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