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Nov 04, 2011

domestic violenceLast week's DadsDivorce Live focused on the issue of domestic violence against men.

Cordell & Cordell mens divorce attorney Heather Biagi discussed with editor Matt Allen the prevalence of claims of domestic violence used in divorce and child custody disputes.

In part two of the two-part series focusing on domestic violence against men, Biagi shares divorce tips for men on how they can preemptively defend themselves from false allegations of abuse.

She also discusses the ramifications, if any, levied against the accusing party if the allegations are indeed proved to be false.

Oct 28, 2011

domestic violence against menOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and while most of the attention will be paid to abused women, readers know all too well how prevalent domestic violence against men is.

Divorced dads also know about false allegations of abuse being used against them. Claims of domestic violence are increasingly common in divorce and child custody disputes because of the strategic gain to the accuser. editor Matt Allen discussed the perspective of domestic violence against men with Cordell & Cordell mens divorce attorney Heather Biagi, who shared divorce tips for men on how to handle false allegations of abuse.

Biagi also shared the correct way a man should go about making his case for domestic violence when he is the victim of abuse.

Oct 14, 2011

divorce expert Nancy FaganIn a recent Huffington Post divorce article, divorce and relationship expert Nancy Fagan wrote that few divorced dads are prepared for the implications when they decide to divorce. She calls this "The Divorce Fantasy."

Fagan, who provides divorce planning and mediation services for men and women as the owner of The Divorce Help Clinic, also touched on the major implications of divorce, such as who it will impact, what it will impact, and how it impacts the rest of your life.

She visited with editor Matt Allen to discuss what the divorce fantasy is, why it is not realistic, and what consequences you should consider as you contemplate divorce.

Oct 07, 2011

shared parenting Jim KastamaAll children need two parents in their lives even if their parents are divorced.

This concept of the importance of shared parenting is not lost on Washington State Sen. Jim Kastama, who is known as the Washington Legislature's leading advocate for shared parenting and recently announced he is running for Washington's Secretary of State.

Sen. Kastama was recently invited on stage at a Blue October concert in Seattle drumming up support within the crowd to allow divorced dads more access to their children.

He visited with editor Matt Allen to discuss the "appalling" statistics of the lack of shared parenting and why it's imperative the younger generation fight for fathers rights.

Sep 30, 2011

child alimonyThe future of lifetime alimony awards is hopefully in peril, particularly in light of a recent Tennessee Supreme Court decision.

In a decision that could shape how alimony is awarded, the court ruled an award of lifetime alimony to a healthy, employed wife was inappropriate.

This ruling illustrates a more modern approach to determining alimony that takes into account a wife’s occupation and earning capacity.

One of the attorneys who successfully argued the appeal on behalf of the husband is Jeffrey Levy, a mens divorce attorney based in Nashville. He talked with editor Matt Allen about the case and its potential impacts.

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