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Dec 18, 2013

christmas parenting divorceBy Gary Direnfeld

Social Worker

Even though parents argue as to the best residential schedule, choice of school, faith, holiday time, Christmas and extra-curricular activities, these issues are simply not as predictive for the outcome of children of separated parents as conflict alone.

More to the point, the greater the parental conflict, the greater the risk for the child having a poor developmental trajectory.

Dec 12, 2013

holiday parenting timeBy Daren Neel

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Attorney

In this holiday season, many parents realize that based on their regular parenting schedule they do not have any parenting time on either Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

In a scramble to have parenting time with their children on these important holidays, many parents will try to file a motion for a specific holiday parenting schedule a week or two before the holiday. 

Unfortunately, based on the realities of an overwhelmed court system, many courts will not entertain motions for specific holiday parenting time immediately before the holiday.

Nov 20, 2013

holidays divorceBy Julie Garrison

Special to

Even if you are the one who initiated the divorce, holidays still pull on the heartstrings. After all, everything about your marriage and family life probably was not divorce-quality bad.

During the holidays, people often have trouble letting go of the bad and building new memories in their place. Even good change can be emotionally charged.

Here are a few tips on surviving the fall and winter holidays after separation and/or divorce:

Dec 21, 2012

first christmas divorceBy Julie Garrison

Special to

After a divorce, the children may fantasize about their parents getting back together.

If you have plans to bring the whole family together, including your ex-wife, to celebrate the holidays in order to keep things "normal" then you may want to reconsider.

Sharing the holiday with your ex will do nothing more than feed this magical thinking.

Dec 17, 2012

christmas divorced dadsBy Julie Garrison

Special to

After surviving your divorce with your first post-divorce Christmas looming ahead, many divorced dads are trying to figure out how to celebrate it with your children.

Your actions can make the differences between a stressful holiday and a happy one.

Here is what one child of divorce had to say about holiday time:

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