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May 31, 2011

child custody evaluationBy Carrie H. Westbrook

Attorney, Cordell & Cordell

All fathers going through divorce have divorce questions to ask about child custody and how to increase their parenting time through child custody agreements.

Judges frequently rely on child custody professionals (such as a custody evaluator or guardian ad litem) to help them determine the best interests of the children.

There are several different types of family law professionals you can request be appointed for your child custody case. 

May 18, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Carrie Westbrook

Regarding a child support modification, I accepted a new job out of state that pays more money. My children will continue to live in their state.

Can I modify my child support order to offset the travel expenses I will incur in order to continue seeing my kids during our scheduled parenting time?

Apr 27, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Carrie Westbrook

My ex-wife has sole custody of my two children. As per the divorce agreement, she has final say to if and when I see my children.

She has now threatened me with not being able to see my children. I am not sure what to do. What should be my next move?


Apr 20, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Carrie Westbrook

My child support order states that I am claim the children this year for taxes. The divorce judgment says my child support must be current to do so.

I have been paying both the current child support amount and the amount assesed for previous arrears. Does this constitute as being current?

Apr 14, 2011


Our original divorce decree from 20 years ago states that my ex-wife and I are to each pay 50% of my child's college tuition.

She claims that shortly after we divorced we signed an amendment to the divorce judgment changing the payment percentages to me having to pay 75%, which I do not remember. I obtained a copy of the decree from the courthouse and there was no amendment attached stating this change.

Would this document, if it exists, supersede the court-ordered amount from our decree?

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