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Jul 16, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Ashley Hughes

Earlier this year, I lost a child custody court battle and the judge issued an order saying that I am obligated to pay my ex-wife's attorney fees, plus some other financial expenses. 

They were expected to file a judgment against me before being forced to pay, but it has been about six months and nothing has been filed to collect these payments.

Is there a time period that they must file this request within?

Jul 06, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Ashley Hughes

My question is about child support laws and dismissing child support arrears if my ex-wife did not accept the payments.

When we divorced, we agreed to modify the court order on our own regarding visitation and paying child support, but there were no court orders entered updating our arrangement.

She eventually denied me access to my son and wouldn't even accept the child support checks I was mailing her for years.

Suddenly, she is suing me for back child support saying I never paid. How can I fight this and regain parenting time with my son since she was the one who took him away and wouldn't accept my payments?

Jun 30, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Ashley Hughes

My question is about child support modification.

Can child support be modified if the custodial parent's income increases, but the non-custodial parent's income remains the same?


Jun 17, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Ashley Hughes

I need legal separation advice since I have been legally separated from my wife for over a year, but we still cannot reach a child custody agreement.

She refuses to sign any parenting time document unless she gets everything she wants. Now she says I am not allowed to have my girlfriend with me when my kids stay over night even though there is no agreement to that effect.

She says her counselor is the one recommending it so it has to happen.

Can she just determine the parenting time schedule and rules without any input from me?

Jun 16, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Ashley Hughes

What are the child custody laws when the ex-wife says she will not return the children at the end of her parenting time?

My ex-wife took the kids on a two-week vacation during her allotted visitation, but now she says she is not returning them when their trip is over and the kids want to live with her now.

What should I do? Do I contact the police? How can I get my children brought back?

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