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Jun 11, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Ashley Hughes

I need financial advice on divorce regarding my rights to the marital home.

The home we live in is in my wife's name, but I have made all of the mortgage payments since we were married.

In our divorce, would I have any right to the property's value or receive credit for the amount of the mortgage I have paid off?

Jun 05, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Ashley Hughes

I am looking for financial advice on divorce in regards to college expenses and tax credits.

I no longer pay child support but I would like to contribute to my daughter's college education. It is my understanding that I cannot claim tuition that I pay because she is not my dependent.

However, can my ex-wife fill out a tax form that allows me to claim my daughter or the college tax credit?

May 09, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Ashley Hughes

My wife's attorney has recently filed a contempt of court motion against me because I have not submitted my financial records yet. 

What can I file with the court to get more time until I can finish gathering all of my financial documents?

Apr 28, 2011

Question:divorce lawyer Ashley Hughes

I would like to file a motion to modify my alimony payments but I am not sure which court has jurisdiction.

We were divorced in one state (Maryland), but we both have since moved to different states (she's in Michigan, I'm in Florida).

So which state has jurisdiction to pursue a modification?

Apr 13, 2011


I refinanced the marital home five years ago to pay off my wife in our divorce. There was a balance left, and we agreed to wait five years and either refinance or sell the home to pay the balance.

The value of the house dropped substantially, and there is no equity left. Can I insist she wait until the value of the home recovers before selling or refinancing?

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