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The child's father and I went to final trial and he doesn't want me to move to different state. We had a GAL and she wrote in her statement that she felt that I was moving with bad faith motives but I was moving to better my child's life and mine. Will they make me stay if I have already been here for two and a half months with a job and apartment not to mention that my other child's father lives here and been here for two years. I even said that my child's father can have all the summer plus rotating breaks but he said no.


I cannot advise you with regard to the laws of Illinois as I am not licensed in that State. I am a little confused on the facts presented in your question. In particular when did you move, where did you move from, was the relocation addressed by the court the "final trial", did either party file a motion to modify or motion in opposition to your relocation, what is the current court ordered custody schedule for the father? If you relocated without permission of the court and the father has a pending motion regarding custody and against the recommendation of the GAL, you need to be concerned that the court will order you to move back to your prior area or in the alternative will change the custody of your child to the father.

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