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Jun 02, 2014

timeshare divorceBy Jennifer M. Paine

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer 

Most of the personal property you accumulated during your marriage is easy to divide when you divorce—not easy in the sense that it is pleasant to do, but easy in the sense that the court has well-established rules for valuing and dividing it.

Feb 02, 2013

divorce lawyer Katie PetersenQuestion:

After my oldest child emancipated, my ex-wife requested a child support review that resulted in my support payments doubling.

The review calculated income based in part on my bonuses received over the past few years even though the bonuses vary widely and my base pay has remained consistent.

Is this fair that my child support should increase when I have less children to support after one was emancipated and my bonuses where used to determine income?

Jan 12, 2013

Houston divorce lawyerQuestion:

I receive an annual bonus. My wife and I were separated for all of 2012 but now that our divorce is close to being finalized she is demanding part of that bonus even though she moved out of the house shortly after she filed and I started my job.

I do not think it is fair for her to receive any money from the bonus I received for work performed during the year that we were separated.

What are my options in this situation?

Oct 08, 2012

oklahoma city divorce lawyerQuestion:

My ex-wife is filing for a child support modification because of a re-enlistment bonus I received through the military.

I receive half of the bonus up front and the other half paid on the anniversary of my re-enlistment.

The military bonus is paid once a year for the amount of years re-enlisted for so once my obligation is up the bonus ends.

Should my bonus be factored into the child support obligation?

Nov 05, 2010

Divorce Attorney Angela FoyQuestion:

I recently discovered my ex-wife has a pension plan, and I also found out her company had a profit-sharing plan where employees get a percentage of their salary as a bonus based on the company performed that year.

This was not addressed at the time of the divorce. Do I have any recourse to claim some of that property?

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