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Sep 20, 2011

financial problems divorceBy Matt Allen


The frequency of disagreements with your wife over finances is one of the key predictors of divorce whether you are rich or poor, according to research.

In "The State of Our Unions" report, Jeffrey Dew of Utah State University shared his research findings that couples who reported disagreeing about finances once a week were more than 30 percent more likely to divorce than couples who reported disagreeing about finances a few times per month.

Debt is a primary cause for a broken marriage no matter which party is responsible for it, and it doesn’t matter if couples are rich, middle class or poor. Fueling the erosion of a marriage is consumer debt (e.g. credit card debt), according to Dew.

Jun 23, 2009

by Matt Krough for

Reading the news today, it’s apparent that Americans are “tightening their belts,” “making do” and “scraping by,” or any of the other euphemisms used to describe these hard times. Worse than the Great Depression? Well, the landscape isn’t littered with millions of people migrating from their dust covered homes to tent cities in California...but money is getting tighter, especially for single parents or parents going through a divorce.

As a divorced father, the good news for you is belt tightening doesn’t have to compromise your quality of life. In fact, it might increase it.

Mar 20, 2009

by Matt Krogh for

Even if you’re doing the divorce yourself,  can a lawyer help?

Kramer vs. Kramer, teams of lawyers competing across a crowded courtroom, shouting, divorce papers served in scenes...many people will do almost anything to avoid those worst-case public scenarios of messy divorces and divorce litigation. In recent years, more and more couples have been able to collaborate enough to come to agreements on their own, and put together the papers that allow them to administer their own divorces.

Feb 25, 2009

Reviewed by Matt Krogh

The old saying (or is it my mother?) tells us that life doesn’t come with instruction manuals—but most of us sure wish it did. With thousands of mostly useless self-help books littering America these days, it’s refreshing to find one that tackles a difficult problem and breaks it down into elements of what you should do, why you should do it, and how everyone involved can benefit from the process.

Available only as an e-book, Rosalind Sedacca provides a thoughtful and clear path for divorcing parents to follow when they have to ask the question, “How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children -- with Love! ”  And the e-book format, while a new experience for some, is precisely the reason why Sedacca’s book is so broadly useful.

Jan 09, 2009

Defiant Dads: Fathers’ Rights Activists in America

By Jocelyn Elise Crowley, Cornell University Press 2008

Book Review by Matt Krogh

“Defiant Dads,” by Dr. Crowley of Rutgers University, could have been an important and useful analysis of what is right and wrong about this growing movement of divorced and divorcing. Unfortunately, while the book provides excellent background data, the author’s analysis is marred by her refusal to acknowledge that fathers’ rights activists’ primary political interest—encouraging equal-time parenting—could ever be a good idea.

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