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Oct 24, 2014

DadsDivorce and MensDivorce as well as their sponsor, Cordell & Cordell, present a news video for the week of October 24, 2014.

This week, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joe Cordell added a new article to his column with Financial Advisor Magazine on preparing financial advisors to testify as an expert witness.

DadsDivorce answered an Ask a Lawyer question regarding custody rights for a guy who's ex-fiance moved to another state, then informed him she was pregnant.

Oct 22, 2014

Question:maura boogay attorney pennsylvania new jersey

I recently broke it off with my fiancé who has now moved to another state and told me she is pregnant.

She has said I will never see my child because we aren’t married and don’t live near each other.

What rights do I have, and what is the honest outlook that I may get custody of the child when he/she is born?

Oct 17, 2014

DadsDivorce and MensDivorce as well as their sponsor, Cordell & Cordell, present a news video for the week of October 17, 2014.

This week, Cordell & Cordell announced five attorneys who were named as 2014 Rising Stars by Super Lawyers. Only 2.5 percent of attorneys for each state are selected for this award.

DadsDivorce answered an Ask a Lawyer question over whether courts can enforce additional expenses that are required on top of child support.

Oct 16, 2014

dating for divorced menBy Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Founder, Divorce Detox®

Dating often feels like a great and insurmountable weight, especially when you were married for most of your adult life.

Time and again, men make the mistake of setting lofty goals for a first date: Could this be the one? Will she be the mother of my children?

When the goal of every date you go on is to find a long-term relationship, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Divorce is hard enough. Instead, set yourself up for dating success from the get go. Be realistic, finding the woman of your dreams is a process. Dating is just the first step.

Chances are you will have to date more than a few women before finding the person you truly want to be with. So change the goal of your dating. Rather than looking for a long-term relationship – far afield in the future – stay present and simply look to make a connection with a woman that may lead to something more meaningful.

The following five tips will help you stay in the moment, make stronger connections, and raise your overall satisfaction with dating.

Oct 14, 2014

Question:jason bowman attorney kentucky

I am paying child support regularly. I am also responsible for 33 percent of child care and medical expenses in addition to the regular support. However, I am unable to cover this financially and have not been paying the extra expenses.

My ex just filed a modification for full legal custody. As I understand it, these extra expenses are not enforced by the court. Can she keep a tab and come after me for full custody at this point in time for the expenses? Is there a way I can reduce the amount of the extra expenses or control what is being spent on her end?

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