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Dads Divorce® provides divorce tips, information, and resources for men and fathers.

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  • DadsDivorce Live: Are Divorce Rates Higher Among Baby Boomers?
    Pepper Schwartz has written nearly 20 books, including her most recent work "The Normal Bar."
    Recently, she wrote an article for CNN that explores increasing divorce rates among the Baby Boomers
    generation. Schwartz, a sociology professor at the University of Washington, shared ... Readmore...
  • Ex-Spouse's Name on Deed to the House: What Does That Mean for Me?
    Question: I purchased property in 1987 and improved it with a two-story home and a two-story garage
    prior to being married in 1998. I did not put my spouse's named on the deed until 2002.  My
    spouse left and filed for divorce in 2013. What, if any, portion of the current mar ... Readmore...
  • Child Support Payments: How Much is Too Much?
    By Julie Garrison In the State of  California, a noncustodial dad making $3,000 a month may
    have to pay nearly half of what he makes in court-ordered support for his three children.  In
    other states, the scenario is similar.  The payment amount is based on each par ... Readmore...
  • Tips for Traveling During Parenting Time
    By Jennifer M. Paine Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer  Imagine this: You have your
    suitcases packed and your kids waiting in your care. At long last, it’s time for a vacation.
    It’s been a long winter and a bad year with your divorce, and it’s finally ti ... Readmore... Website

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Child Support

Articles relating to child support, including how much you should be paying and when does it stop.
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Child Custody

What are my chances of gaining child custody? How can I get custody of my chlid? Read the answers.
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Free resources for divorced dads, including divorce guides, child support calculators and state laws.
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